Founding Families Reunion

Sunday November 13th 2 pm – 5 pm, $10 adults
Music, Tea and Story Telling. Historical presentation by Elia Haworth, History Curator of Bolinas Museum. Since its earliest days of hotels and ranches, Bolinas had a strong sense of community. For decades, the Women’s Club on the hill served as a gathering place for local events, from dances to memorials. Then in the early 1950s it was decided that the town needed a new building: a community center and firehouse. Townspeople, ranch families and weekenders worked together to raise every dollar from baking, handcraft and rummage sales. Locals donated land and volunteers did the construction. The Bolinas Community Center was built with heart and determination! It has served generations of people and always improved. When a new firehouse was built, the Bolinas Library moved into the front space as its permanent home. Always busy with diverse events, classes and programs, the Bolinas Community Center has served Bolinas and its friends for 60 years! Supporting the Center, whether you are a resident or visitor means supporting our shared sense of community spirit.