Sunday: Bolinas Baby Blessing 2013

baby blessing

Sunday June 2nd, either 11am at Wharf Beach or 2pm at the Bolinas Community Center. Depends on the weather.

The Bo Spirit is ubiquitous, and those that grew up here, or lived here in this very special place never-ever forget it no matter where they are in the world today.  Whether we meet on the Land, The Beach, or The Community Center, we are, & always will be, The People of The Bo Spirit. We  re-charge that spirit each year in the annual Sun Festival, where for the last 20 years the Baby Blessing Ceremony has become a core celebration. A very special reminder of who we are as a people.  Welcoming the new babies into the Tribe and, simultaneously, receiving the Baby’s Blessing in return is our Renewal.

If the weather is good we will hold the Baby Blessing at 11a.m. at the Wharf Road Beach, followed by a pot luck picnic on the Beach. If the weather is too windy, foggy & cold, or extreme sun like last year, or thank goodness,  its raining, we would post pone the Blessing to 2 pm in the Community Center. 

1:30 Open doors for gathering.                                                                                                    2pm  Beginning of the Baby Blessing Ceremony                                                                           3pm Snack Food and Fellowship

For more info please contact Tom D’Onofrio 415-328-0579