Saturday: Moroccon Dinner & Festivities to support the Amal Center


Saturday, August 24th,

Doors open @ 7:00

Moroccan feast @ 7:30

Moroccan tea and stories about The Amal Center and Ciarra D’Onofrio and June Kleider’s experiences in Morocco.

Tickets: $40 (all profits go to The Amal Center).

On sale now- all tickets must be bought ahead of time. For tickets, call Claire Simeone at (415) 269-9013.

Ciarra D’Onofrio just returned from Morocco where she was living, studying, ad interning for six months. During this time she worked with The Amal Center, a new non-profit organization located in Marrakech, Morocco that is dedicated to supporting and training Moroccan women from disadvantaged backgrounds, including illiterate, impoverished, and sexually and physically abused women, single mothers, and women who worked as child maids. The organization just opened this past March and now functions as a restaurant that the women run and make an economic income while being trained in Moroccan baking and cooking, a skill that will hopefully help them gain further employment in the future. All of the women working and training at The Amal Center are financial supporters of ther families, a rarity in Morocco. Ciarra interned with The Amal Center for a month after finishing her studies in Morocco this past semester and is hoping to maintain a connection with the organization and its women. All of the profits from this fundraiser will go to support this organization. To learn more about The Amal Center visit

June Kleider and her family also just returned from Morocco where they were studying Moroccan cooking. June will be heading the Moroccan feast and sharing everything she learned in Morocco with the community through a delicious dinner.

Please come learn about these Bolinians experiences in Morocco ad support The Amal Center!