Friday: Youth Night and CommUnity “Upliftment” Show

upliftmentFriday September 20th, Early Show, ALL Ages ~ Kitchen open 6-9 ~ Music 7-Midnight. General admin $15 (includes raffle tix) 18 and under FREE!

Haile Conscious Works Brings to YOU a Gathering in Honor of our Roots and in Support of our Youth: “UPLIFTMENT”: A West Marin Harvest Celebration with MESSENJAH SELAH & LEE TAFARI. Backed by the Love Band + Special Guests

Acoustic Dinner Show with SOPHIA ROSE and more Lee’s Unlimited & Comanche High Power playing strictly vinyl  Good good food ~ Fine Desserts ~ Juice Bar ~ Raffle Prizes…Proceeds go toward Project No Littering Jamaica.

This event is in conjunction with our once-a-month Friday Youth Night, funded by the West Marin Fund. Each Youth Night offers info for youth on how to get involved in that specific non-profit. This evening Lia Sabbatini will talk to the youth about volunteer options for the Bolinas Community Center

Blessed Love & Greetings Family,

It is with great joy that I bring YOU this next gathering, on Fri. Sept. 20th (I feel it will be my best one yet)! My aim is to bring our village and neighboring villages together as one, to create a truly multi-generation commUnity celebration, a night of Upliftment for all! In an extra effort to reach out to our youths with love, support and guidance, we are collaborating with the BCC and the youth night that Martine has been working on, with the help of the West Marin Fund. It will be free for 18 and under, as has been my dream to make it for all of my events, but have yet to find a way to balance the costs of doing so, while bringing you international singers & players of music. It is also a time of harvest and thanksgiving, for we are blessed to live in a beautiful and bountiful place, rich with good food. We are putting together a delicious and locally grown menu, with dishes from some of our best cooks in town, including Marty Brendel, Beth Setrakian and more… We have a great lineup in store too, with performances ranging from our homegrown musical youth, an acoustic show case during dinner, to some real authentic roots & culture outta Jamaica, with Messenjah Selah, Lee Tafari & the Love Band + special guests! These are not just very talented artists, but people who I hold in the highest respect, for who they are and what they stand for. I don’t have words to express the love I have for these individuals and what they collectively bring, trust me you will feel the warmth, light and positive vibrations that they radiate, as you dance to this sweet sweet music. Between sets and before and after, we will have Comanche High Power & Lee’s Unlimited spinning strictly vinyl (records, remember those) keeping the vibes irie.

There will also be a raffle (tix included @ door) going on through the night, with lots of great prizes. The bar will be much different the usual, serving a variety of fresh juices, tonics and elixirs… And we can’t forget the desserts, there will lots of tasty baked goods too…… Just to give you a small taste of what all will be going on, you will have to come join us to really get the fullness of it, a night of togetherness that you wont forget – Be there!!!

Sincerely and straight from the heart ~ Maitreya Rose / Haile Conscious Works