Art & Garden Thank You

A&G2014Well now that was fun!   What a beautiful music filled weekend at the Art & Garden at the BCC.

Thanks to all the volunteers, artists, bakers, musicians and everyone who donated for and participated in the auction.

Thanks to our donors Tim Halikas, Gospel Flat Farm, Star Route Farm, Good Earth Grocery, Whole Foods, Fresh Run Farms, The Parkside, Coast Café, Bolinas People’s Store, Peet’s Coffee, Lagunitas Brewery, Hog Island Oysters and the Tomales Bay Oyster Co.

Thanks to the flower donors, Eleanor Lyman & Angela Borregaard for flower arranging, June McAdams, Curly Rigg, Las Balines Nursery, Maria Garrigues, Magi Barror, Kathleen O’Neill, SutArt, Rebecca Trivelpiece and to our wonderful general manager Lia….for all her hard work, coordinating, creating, chasing volunteers and orchestrating this gorgeous event.

Each and every one of you is awesome. Thank you.

With love Randi,