Lloyd Kahn Book Signing & Slideshow “Tiny Homes on the Move”

tiny homesMonday May 12th, 7pm-8pm

Free Slideshow and Book Signing

There are some 90 tiny homes here, either rolling on the road or floating in the water. About half of them are lived in full-time; the other half are used part-time, for trips of varying lengths upon life’s highways and waterways. This book follows our best-selling book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter and describes nomadic life in the 21st century.
In the wheels category are vans, pickup trucks with camper shells, house trucks, school buses, trailers, and cycles. In the water section are sailboats and houseboats.
There are stories that go along with each home. 
• A family of four sold their home, got rid of high mortgage payments, and fixed up and moved into a school bus.
• A young French woman sailed 1,500 miles from Europe to the Canary Islands with no engine or GPS.
• Two ski bums use their pickup truck/camper as their winter home.
•  An English artist built a tiny home on the back of a 1959 French army truck.
There are some 1,100-color photos here, along with descriptions of each and every home.
This is a book full of joy, adventure, and high spirits. It is rich, colorful, and imaginative, and these competent and artistic owners/ builders will inspire others with their unique homes and lives.
About the Author In 1968 Lloyd Kahn worked as Shelter editor for the Whole Earth Catalog. In 1973, he published the oversized book Shelter, which went on to sell over 250,000 copies. In 2004, Kahn published Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter – the long-awaited sequel to Shelter – and in 2008, Builders of the Pacific Coast. Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter was published in 2012. Tiny Homes  on the Move is the 5th book in this series. Kahn and his wife Lesley live and work in a small coastal town in Northern California.
Tiny Homes on the Move by Lloyd Kahn $28.95 trade paper,  224 pages, 9 ˝ × 12 ˝ 1100 color photos ISBN 978-0-936070-62-9 Distributed by: Publishers Group West: 800-788-3123 Publishers Group Canada: 416-934-9900 Bookstores: www.pgw.com/home/customers.aspx
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