Ninjitsu class is back!!

jiujitsuNinjutsu Martial Arts – Starts Wednesday January 14th!

Class:  Wednesday evenings, 6 – 7.30, Bolinas Community Center.

Cost:    $10 per class or $30 per month (drop-ins welcome)

Call  Martin for more information – 868 9236 (

What we now call NInjutsu is a comprehensive system of physical and spiritual training that was developed over nine hundred years ago by warrior monks in China and then Japan. These skills have evolved over the centuries in an uninterrupted lineage down to the current Grand Master, Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, who at 81 years old continues to teach and train in Japan.

The goal of this martial art is not so much to become the strongest, fastest, most technically skilled fighter but rather to develop a healthy perspective and the strategies necessary to protect oneself and others if the need arises. For this reason it is an art well suited to a wide range of people of differing ages, sizes and abilities.

Our training is intended to be safe and fun, ranging from rolling and balancing practices to unarmed strikes, grappling and weapons use. Throughout, the intention is to learn how to give up habitual, often unhelpful, ways of moving and to encourage one’s natural ability and sense of balance and harmony.

Although the techniques of this tradition have stood the test of time and are extremely effective in practical application it is good to remember that the core of our training is the development of a more peaceful heart, that we may create a greater sense of safety and harmony for ourselves and those around us.