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BolinasCAN Meeting

BolinasCbolinasAN Meeting: Sunday May 31, 5pm & BoBOP!
1. Hear from BCLT (Bolinas Community Land Trust) about current work being done toward affordable housing.
2. Start to create small working groups of community members to tackle other challenges from parking to local economy, or whatever you are feeling passionate about!
3. And most importantly continue to create the habit of coming together as the beautiful diverse community that we are.

*BoBOP will be cooking a community dinner for the May 31st meeting.  Please bring your own plate, utensils and five dollars – delicious, organic meal for everyone.

Our dinner menu will be chili (both vegetarian and meat), salad, cornbread and homemade cookies (there will be gluten free options).

*If folks are in need of childcare to attend the May 31st meeting please contact Melinda (
The BoCAN Team 



Sunday, May 31st 9:00am $51.99

A perfectly timed escape. A getaway without getting too far away. A few hours outside of the city to reconnect to what’s important.

We’ll start the day with a group hike or trail run close to Bolinas. Any one is welcome, whether a runner or not. I will have several different options for lengths and speeds so that everyone feels comfortable. We will stay together as much as possible.

After the run, we will head into Bolinas. There will be time to rest and have a snack and then we will have an hour long yoga class. You can expect the class to be challenging but relaxing. A blend of vinyasa flow with some restorative poses, class will be designed especially with runners in mind. We’ll breath, we’ll sweat, we’ll move; that’s what this day is all about.

We will end our day with a deliciously prepared vegetarian lunch. After that you will have the chance to explore Bolinas on your own time. It’s a very special place.

The entire day is open to all levels of yogis and runners!

Memorial Day Picnic

memorialdaybobotempoMonday May 25th 12-5

Bobo Tempo, Gourmet hotdogs, salads, ice Cream and beverages in the Plaza.

“Clear the Air” Community night

Open Fbolinasorum, “Clear the Air”: Sunday May 24, 4pm-7pm @Community Center
To create a safe space for sharing of community challenges, issues, blessings, and funny stories. Imagine the Hearsay News as a public forum! Several BoCAN members will be present to take notes, hear your thoughts and emotions, and to answer any questions we can. 

Bolinas Stinson Beach After School Theater

theatre performance

Bolinas Stinson Beach After School Theater

Presents their Annual Spring Performance

“Singing in the Rain”

Thursday 7:30pm       Friday 7:30pm,       Saturday 3pm & 7:30pm