BolinasCAN Meeting

BolinasCbolinasAN Meeting: Sunday May 31, 5pm & BoBOP!
1. Hear from BCLT (Bolinas Community Land Trust) about current work being done toward affordable housing.
2. Start to create small working groups of community members to tackle other challenges from parking to local economy, or whatever you are feeling passionate about!
3. And most importantly continue to create the habit of coming together as the beautiful diverse community that we are.

*BoBOP will be cooking a community dinner for the May 31st meeting.  Please bring your own plate, utensils and five dollars – delicious, organic meal for everyone.

Our dinner menu will be chili (both vegetarian and meat), salad, cornbread and homemade cookies (there will be gluten free options).

*If folks are in need of childcare to attend the May 31st meeting please contact Melinda (
The BoCAN Team