Wild at Home Thank You!

Thank You Wild at Home

What an amazing weekend. All three days were rich with knowledge, art, plants, music, performance, oysters, mojitos, everything!

The greatest thank you of all times goes to our own Native Plants Teacher Lea Earnheart. She worked endlessly to bring all the magic to us to devour over the weekend. Wild at Home was Lea’s gift to all of us and we were excited and honored to offer it as this year’s Art & Garden event. Thank you so so much Lea!!

For those of you who were lucky enough to make it out for last Friday’s opening event, you all know the profound performance that filled the hall. Thank you for all of our fabulous performers:

Sky Road Webb

Purple Hazel Green & Jewel Shield

Claire Peaslee


Mimi Calpestri

Eden Clearbrook and Sim Van der Ryn

Jeff Manson

Molly Maguire, Danny Vitali, Eli Carlton-Pearson, Cornelius Boots and Doug Lee

A BIG thank you to Joanne Kyger for offering her poem for the broadside created for this specific event. We had a limited production of 100 and both the BCC office and Lea Earnheart still have some for sale, get your own today; $12 a piece, $25 signed.

Our Vendors and Information Booths were a wonderful addition over Saturday and Sunday. Thank you:
California Native Plant Society

Rachel Johnson and the Red Woods

Meg Simmonds & Coastal Scrub

Ashley Ratcliffe Grass Show

Keith Hansen and his birds

Wildcare & the Wild Animals

BCPUD Lands Committee

Larner Seeds; Tina & Jeff

Michael Cavette; Water and the Food Connection

Kent Island Restoration Project; Bruce & Kate

Nuria & Bo School Kids for their Plant Artwork

Mount Tamalpais for the pure & refreshing water

– Bolinas Bakers & Beth’s bakery for the delicious

quiches & baked goods

– Star Route Farms for the tasty salad components

– Princess Randi for the Salad Dressing

– Hog Island & Tomales Bay Oyster Companies

– Coast Café for garlic butter

– Inverness Park Market & Johnny for BBQ sauce

– Lagunitas Brewing Company

– Tim Halikas with Sola Wine & Magi for more wine!

– Kelly Onorato & Katie Weber for fresh mint!



Every year, you know who you are, bless us with your time, expertise, love and gifts – thank you. YOU really help make the Community Center flourish and we truly appreciate your donation to help us raise the-much-needed funds we need to continue our work at the BCC!


What in the world would we do without YOU?!!!!

Thank you once again for signing up, showing up and helping make the wheels turn. It so takes a village and only since we have YOU can we even do these kinds of events. Thank you.


– Vanessa Waring for the gorgeous posters!

– Ben Lowrance, Ashley Ratcliffe, Sadja Greenwood

Alan Margolis , Lea Earnheart & Bolinas-Stinson

School for the Magic School Bus Tour!

– Schehera Van Dyk for the beautiful mural!

– Common Voice Choir, Jan Broek, Cadance Weber,

Jacob Leyva and Friends for the great music!

– Midnight on the Water for Maypole Music

– Anny Owen and Bo-Stin School Kids for their show

– Chuck Oakander, Martine Algier & Katie for Fairies

– Don Smith & Jerry BoJeste for the Maypole

– Charles Whitefield for facilitating Mesa Park

Parking & Maypole Celebration in the park

– Alethea Patton for parade & mask workshops

– June McAdams for coordinating our bakers

– Zoro Drux & Magi Barror for Sunday Sound

– Kathleen O’Neill & StuArt for hanging art & signs

AND Thank you to all who came, enjoyed, bid on the auction and participated in another great BCC Art & Garden. It was the best one yet!

Lia, Randi & Katie – Your BCC Terrific Trio