La Libertà

lalibertadFriday, January 13th at 7pm
Tickets are $10-$20 Sliding Scale
Join the ladies of La Libertà at the Bolinas Community Center on   The mission of La Libertà is to promote true love by deepening understanding of the human condition. Utilizing melody, narrative, rhythm and exchange, La Libertà offers the remarkable gift of honest and tender insight to shared experiences. 

The name La Libertà is Italian for “lady liberty” or “her release.”
The earthy force and unearthly grace of La Libertà’s music is for those who tenderly and fiercely carve their own way – music born
 from the windy wilds of the northern California coast.

June McCrory: Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting
Katy Larkin: Vocals, Cello, Bass
Beth Carusillo: Vocals, Percussion
Debbie Daly: Vocals, Accordion,