Delovealution – Comedy by Jerry Bojeste

DeloveSaturday February 25th 2017



(The Lovealution)

Comedy coming to you at the Bolinas Community Center! 4 performances: February 24th & 25th (Fri. & Sat.) and March. 3rd & 4th (Fri. & Sat.)

18 years or older (or youth with parents’ consent)

8:00 p.m. show / $15pp

The play is a journey about a wealthy family that falls through the cracks in New York City. As they descend through the different strata’s of society, experience the Thrill of Defeat, they grow together in a cohesive perception of love!

The family is the smallest yet most profound unit in society.  Journey with us through, epiphanies, ecstasies and survival improvisations!  Behold new dimensions that we all will embrace!  FAMILY COMES FIRST!

Bojestical Productions

Contact # 415- 306-4665 for more Information