Enter the Dragon * A StarryTelling Slideshow of Eclipse Enlightenment

EnterDragonFather’s Day * Sunday * June 18th * 3:33pm * Free Admission

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Enter the Dragon – A StarryTelling Slideshow of Eclipse Enlightenment

Astrology * Astronomy * Alchemy * Magic * Mystery * Hidden History


“The Sun is Its Father, the Moon its Mother,

The Wind hath carried it in its belly, the Earth its nurse.”

– Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus


Is Sun the Father? Is this why we celebrate Father’s Day on the SUNday closest to Summer Solstice, which brings the height of the Light and the longest day of the year? Here comes the Sun King! But what happens when Moon Queen intervenes?

We’re sure to find out soon because a Total Solar Eclipse is heading our way for the first time since 1979. Join us for a free presentation this Father’s Day and learn everything you need to know about the Great Summer Eclipse of 2017.

Seattle StarryTelling Spaceman Gemini Brett is landing his cosmic craft at Bolinas CommUnity Center to present a shamanic slideshow consciously created to entertain, educate, and amaze. Join this journey into Space and you will return with a deep understanding of Eclipse Astronomy, Astrology, Mystery, and Hidden History. You will learn how eclipses have lineage and see that the 18-year heartbeat of this summer’s Earth-Moon-Sun alignment links with the ancient omen, “Death of the King.” But what exactly does that mean? Things are not always as they seem, but sometimes the cosmic conversation translates through terrestrial narration quite literally. Some August astrological advice for the Trumpelstiltskin might be: “Duck!”


More importantly… what about US? Will this Heavenly happening bring further division to our land or can it serve to Unite our State of mind, body, and Spirit? It’s been 38 years since Total Solar Eclipse has come our way to bring the riddle of night in the middle of day. What bright Light might we find when we personally engage with this strange Shadow play? Learn to tune into this most magical portal and compost that which you choose to leave behind into rich soil for planting stellar seeds of the new you!


*** *** ***  *** As a certifiable StarryTeller, Gemini Brett devotes his Now as a living vow to the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. The world might not have ended in 2012, but Brett’s sure did. He reintroduced himself to the light of Jupiter one night in the jungles of Peru and was shocked to hear the Gas Giant Guru speak back: a four hour transmission that began with, “sit down, boy” and ended with clear directions for a lifetime of starry study and sharing. Check out Gemini Brett’s active YouTube Channel and StarryTelling Podcast. His most recent creation is “Arts of the Chart,” an ongoing open source (that means free!) astrology course taught through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium: Sacred Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number in Nature. Gemini’s Website – www.MoreThanAstrology.com

StarryTelling Podcast – https://soundcloud.com/more-than-astrology/ Arts of the Chart YouTube Playlist – http://bit.ly/2kzGWHz “Wow, just wow! Gemini is a powerful speaker, storyteller, and weaver of myths, legends, lore, and science. His talk was spellbinding and really made me understand and feel my connections to the stars and planets. Wonderful!!!” – Suzanne A.