March 16, 2018

What is the BCC up to now!


  • New Dishwasher for kitchen costs at minimum $6000 with NSF qualification, permits, plumbing and electrical needed – we have $1500, need $4,500.
  • Kitchen Remodel Phase 2:
    • We need a new tiled floor, up to EHD standards, $7k-11k+
    • Phase 3 would be remodel cabinetry and create a 2nd work space with small outdoor walk-in
  • Plaza Deck & Awning with polycarbonate on top of the wood chips $11,100-$24,200
  • Upgrade our Projector & Screen, our current which is over 8 years old, doesn’t even have its own HDMI cable and only currently fills half the small screen.
  • Other Projects
    • New Stage Curtain with lifting mechanism
    • Roll-out pully under the stage to hold BCC tables
    • Thin cabinets on back of stage for holding all the mats
    • Replace house lighting system, and have it work from our new sound board
  • Old building constantly has termites, currently identified 4 places to spot treat which is $4,000
  • Old rotten pieces of wood to be replaced around the building


  • Kitchen Remodel Phase 1 with new sinks, new hood and stove from the Kleider’s, new fridges
  • Installed lights donated from the PT Reyes Dance Palace
  • Sound proofing on library wall and stage ceiling, new bass traps & new sound board
    • BIG THANK YOU to Omar Rifkin & Zoro Drux for fundraising to get the board
    • BIG Thank you to Don Smith who tirelessly helps improve our Center on all ends, especially the sound and lighting upgrades at our Center!
  • We just re-furbished the floors – thank you Broek Hardwood Floors
  • Karen Green, with Om Garden, Painted the Hall walls this last year and Stage Maroon
  • Bathrooms also got re-painted thank you to Steve and Sparrow for time and volunteering
  • New stainless steel “Steelys” cups from John Borg & Family

If any of you are interested in helping or know someone who can help with the following projects, please send them our way: