May 4, 2018

Art Garden Food Festival Thank You


 What an amazing day we had last Saturday – Thank you Bolinas!

Thank you to everyone who came down to the party, who bidded on the auction, shopped, danced and had fun!

BIG thank you to all the donors for the beautiful art work and all the auction gift certificates and services!

Thank you Musicians who brought their souls, bodies and instruments down:

Molly Maguire for being the MC

Magi Barror for setting up the Plaza Stage and MC’ing the sound outside

Tony Smith for running BCC sound

Psychedelic Seniors: Stu, KO & Suzy

Bolinas Stinson School Band & Anny Owen

Beth Carusillo

Bo-Stin Dub Squad: Chris, Burton, Tommy & Lorenzo

Estrellas Del Mar: Amber, Anny, Beth, Camilla & Bob

Jan & Mesa Broek and Garland

September w/ Roger, Jerry, Chris, & Charles

Charlie Docherty, Beth & Molly

Los Padres w/ Jacob Leyva, Michael Pinkham, Tony Onorato, Doug Lee


Thank you Festival Vendors:

Spanish Paella by Nuria and Doug

Wood-fired pizza by Barbary Coast

Tamales by Carmen and Marina

Pan Native American Fry Bread by Daniel

Keith’s Sour Dill Pickles

Clive Brown with The Xocolate Bar

Laurie Knowles & Knowles Bowls

Molly Brown

Schehera Van Dyk Pottery

Lynn MacLaird

Bella & Sadie Mann

Sharon Casey & Daughter

Bay Area Bee Company

Melissa and Kanoa

Zim Caruselli



Thank you Donors

Lagunitas Brewing Co

Sean Thackrey & Sola Wine

Tomales Bay Oyster Company

Hog Island Oyster Company

Star Route Farms

Coast Café

Gospel Flat Farm Stand

Bolinas Peoples’ Store

Las Baulines Nursery

The Children’s Center

Mesa Park

Baked Goods Donors – list coming soon!!


Thank you Fairy Garden Donors:

Sharon Casey, Amelia Straton, Maya Giannini, Pam Springer, Katherine Weber, Martine Algier & Kate Ryan Ross



Chris Besenty

Ben Lawrence

Ken and Owen Paasch

Bolinas Bakers

Magi & Mary Barror

Zachery Fuller


Jeff Manson

Nick Bogle

Jim Tacherra

Clue Weismiller

Ron Brown

Adolpho & Hector

Bob Densmore

Eva Lindholm

Beth Setrakien

Rob Setrakien

Liz Vezzani

Jennie Pfeiffer

Tommy Gogola

Karen Willing

Melinda Stone


June McAdams

Diana Alsted

Curly Liliva

Grace Godino & Duncan

Susie Stewart

Marisa Willow

Kelly Onorato

Ned Rielly

Elia Singer

Alex Oakander

Bridget Barthlome

Maitreya Rose

Susy Mills

Susie Stewart

Bobbi Likeover

Amelia Straton

Susan Tacherra

Eleanor Lyman

Blair Harris

Jan Broek

Chaz Lenhoff

Lee Tafari



Ann Marie

Maya Giannini

Meg Simmonds

Jaqueline Pattersson

Joy & Jesse’s Truck

Arn, Charlie & Clean-up Crew

Thank you to all others who jumped in with set-up, moving tents and being available – it does take a village! 😉


With Deep Gratitude,

Lia, Randi, Katie & Kate

BCC Board & Staff