Thank You’s






July 10th, 2019

Thank you to all who came to the Poets Night Out. The hall was filled with poets and it made my heart smile. Thank you StuArt for being the emcee for the evening!

A Big Thank you to all that shared their Poetry and voices with us:

StuArt  Chris    Sooze  Nancy Josh

Peter   Dale     Neshama       Hanna

Mark    William    Ananda     Brian

Thank you William for working the door!

Thank you Tone Smith for doing an amazing job on the sound for the open mic and music.

To Minus One, thank you so much for rocking out the hall so hard that Dana broke 3 guitar strings!

To MJOY, thank you so much for singing your heart out!

Cheers to you all and to the next Poetry Night!


Kate Ryan-Ross, Randi Arnold and The Bolinas Community Center Board of Directors