Labor Day White Elephant Silent Auction

White Elephant Silent Auction

There are many ways to participate in Labor Day, but the silent auction is one of those great win win opportunities. The Community Center wins when there are great items to sell, as that helps us support all the wonderful classes and events that happen at the BCC. The donor wins by passing on some artifact that need to be released back to the community. Something way-to-nice to throw away, but for whatever reason (too full of memories or not enough time for your own garage sale) something you don’t want to sell.

The white elephant always reminds me of Ganesha, the Hindu deity that has an elephant head, and multiple arms. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. So if your stuff is weighing you down, bring the beautiful, useful, desirable items to the Community Center. We’ll do our best to find someone who will love it. written by Kathleen O’Neill

P.S. Your donations are tax deductible, and we will be happy to give you a receipt.

Thank you, Randi & Kate


BCC Donation Drop off Times:

Thursday Sept. 1(4–6pm)

Friday Sept. 2 (10am–6pm)

Saturday Sept. 3 (10am–6pm)

Call 415-868 -2128 For other options & pick-up email:

14 Wharf Rd., Bolinas, CA 94924-0122

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