Labor Day Thank you’s

The Staff and Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community Center would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who came out to support the center on Labor Day.

  We have missed hosting our towns’ events and it was wonderful to see everyone greeting old friends, making new ones, sharing a meal and enjoying all the great live music.

We could not do this without you,

Thank you.

Thank you to all the Volunteers and Musicians that helped make Labor Day possible

Psychedelic Seniors     Jon Cozzi    Coastal Scrubbers

Just Friends        Los Padres          Groove Eternal

Kelly McFarling           Grateful Dead Appreciation Society

Sosa Peter Axelson     Bobo Tempo      Andrew Cohen

Margo        Omar          Sam            Feliciano             Jesse

Loreli         Rob            Pammy      Elizabeth            Jenny         Harriet

Ernesto      Anne          Bridget      Sophia        Shannon

Robin         Ed     Amelia       Mark          Renee         Christine

Barbara     Karen        Micha         Susan         Laura         Roberto

Julie           Eleanor      Alex           Grace         Lisa            Don

Phillipa                Dee             Ben            Rachel       Nicole

Sara           Laura         Melinda      Natalie       Ned            Rick

Pam           Susie          Estrella      Jan             Leonardo            Sean

Ric             Amelia       Meg            Dale           Theresa      Jennifer     Chloe

Temple       Mark          Beth

and  to any of the volunteers’ names that I may have missed, I apologize. I am so thankful to you for showing up to help!


Thank you to the Janitorial Staff for helping us keep the Center and town clean !


To our amazing shuttle parling lot team, Charles, Will, George and Raymond,

Thank you for helping the people find their parking and bringing them downtown.


Thank you to the Bolinas Market for all you did to help!