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Bolinas Water Shortage

Hello Everyone, As most of you know California is in a water shortage, and Bolinas is on the brink of mandatory water rationing. We are reaching out to you all to ask please help our community save water. If you are visiting Bolinas please remember that the community members that live here full time, need your help to keep conserving...

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Projector Screen Thank you

The Bolinas Community Center wants to thank the following people for their donations to the center to purchase and install new projector screen: Giving Through Youth Grant: coordinated by Willow Regnery, Sara Leiber and their combined 5th and 6th grade class in May of 2020. Jonathan Korty ,  Korty’s Fish Camp Zoro Drux We hope that soon we will be...

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Disaster Box Thank you

A big thank you to the following for their donations to the Bolinas Community Center Disaster Box supply purchase:  Rotary Club of West Marin Bolinas Fire Department Also a thank you to the Rotary Club of West Marin for their continuing donations of bags and peanut butter to the weekly food bank Thank you so much, The Bolinas Community Center...

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