THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

Thank you to all that attended our Art Garden & Food Festival on Saturday the 29th


It was a beautiful sunny day filled with community members dancing to the music in the plaza, people bidding on Art in the hall , folks gathering at tables to eat their delicious food and children getting their faces painted. The Bolinas Community Center Board Members thank you all for making this fundraiser a success. It truly takes the whole village to make these events happen, and it means so much to the center that you all showed up!


Thank you to Hog Island Oyster Co. , the Oysters were amazing, and we will be getting more next year!

Thank you to all the Talented Artists that donated their art to the silent auction and to those that donated their services and items.


Thank you to Lagunitas Brewery Co. for your donation!


Thank you to Coast café  for the BQQ sauce ,and to 11 Wine for the mignonette sauce !


Thank you to World Centric for your biodegradable donation, we could not have done it all without your help. The BCC is forever thankful for your companies hard work to make biodegradables more accessible to everyone !


A really BIG BCC thank you to all the volunteers who worked that day

Mark             Lorelei           Chloe             Jimmy             Collen

Jan                  Gene              Grace             Jenny             Will

Meg                Bobbi             Blair                Zack

Beth               Amelia           Susie              Jacqueline


Thank you Recology Sonoma Marin for your donation of Landfill , Recycle and Compost debris bins!

Thank you to KO &  Stuart for your work on the Silent Auction art installation.


To the AMAZING BQQ team who BBQ all day and shucked over 660 oysters .

Sam, Omar and Ethan!


Thank you to Willy who went to Hog island picked up all the Oysters and came down to BBQ!


To the food Vendors,

Your meals were delicious and we felt the love and hard work you put into each bite!!

Doug, Nuria and family                 Nan and family                    Carmen and family


To the Crafters & Vendors inside the hall ,

Thank you for sharing your wares and sweet treats with this community!!

Eli        Rachel            Carol ann

Rain                Maitreya       Beija

Astrid             Will                 Sharon           Chloe


Dear Magi ,

The whole town thanks you for all your hard work making the music happen. You always find the best musicians to take the stage, and we appreciate it . Thank you to you and your crew!


To the Performers,

Thank you for sharing your music with us, we felt it in our bodies and appreciate your willingness to share your talent.

Lissie Comer            So-Se             Sophia Rose

Andrew Cohen        Jackson Galt

Peter Axelson                      Amber Hines                        Jesse


To the Poets in the hall, thank you for bringing life to the words you shared!



From ,

The Bolinas Community Center Board members, Randi & Kate