Saturday September 8
The 40 year reunion of Bolinas musicians with members of The Duxbury Reefers, Raw Honey, Living Proof & The FarTones. Representing the next generation is Luke Anderson w/ Duke & the Boyz. Players currently on board include, but not limited to: Donny (Rico) Ensilin, guitar & vocals, David Murray, Trombone, Susan Murray, Bass, Clay Lilleston, drums, John Ridella, Sax & clarinet, Sean Nelson, keyboard, Craig Brady, Coronet. The program will be a mix of old tunes from our past, Dixieland & Fusion, & new original music. The Dancert will be Filmed & recorded live. Admission is free although by entering people are consenting to having their images used in the documentary “Bo’stock”. Call Sean for details (805) 390-6550.