Local Links

dancer-surferListing of Bolinas Non-Profits and Community Service Groups


Audubon Canyon

Bolinas Children’s Center

Bolinas Community Center

Bolinas Community Land Trust

Bolinas People’s Store

Bolinas Public Utility District

Bolinas-Stinson School District

Bolinas Volunteer Fire Dept.

Bolinas Library

Bo-Stin Youth Group

Coastal Health Alliance


Community Mediation


Disaster Council

Hearsay News

Lagoon Advisory

Lions Club

Mesa Park

“No Place Like Home” Homeless Services- Rev Bob Grove


Positive News California

Regenerative Design Institute

Rod and Boat Club

Stinson Beach Preschool

Sam’s House


Listing of other Community Service Info Links

Info for parents to help a child cope with divorce:  http://www.kaleslaw.com/resources/when-a-child-of-divorce-visits-parents/