Community Center Kitchen Project

The Bolinas Community Center (BCC) kitchen is currently being used by Community Center renters to prep and serve food during and for events as well as a Commissary Kitchen for three local businesses.The kitchen usage has been “grandfathered in” each year by the Environmental Health Department, but since we hope to expand usage many upgrades have been needed. Once the kitchen is fully remodeled more food vendors will be able to use the space, cooking classes and food demos for youth and adults can be created and the whole community will benefit from having a fully functional and up-to-date Community Kitchen.

Thank you to Susie Tompkins Buell for donating a NSF certified fridge and thank you to June and Alex Kleider, for their donation of an Imperial Stove. The stove has two ovens, a griddle, flat-top and six burners.

What we have done so far:

The Bolinas Community Center has put on three Bolinas Food Festivals (2012, 2013 & 2014) and two Bolinas Crab Feasts (2013 & 2014)  which have raised almost $35,000!  In the spring of 2013 The Stinson-Bolinas Community Fund gave the BCC a $2,250 grant  towards new sinks and a ADA complaint kitchen door. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and contributed to make this all happen! And a very special THANK YOU goes to Tanya Kleider, Heidi Lundy, Becca Trivelpiece, Ida Severson and Serita Basilio-Lewis for all their incredible help creating these fundraisers and their enthusiasm in helping create a Community Kitchen!

May of 2013 the BCC purchased and installed the three new sinks (hand washing, three compartment dish washing sink and the vegetable rinsing sink). We also fixed the dry wall and flooring around the sinks, upgraded to brighter lights and installed FRP (Fire Retardant Paneling) in half of the kitchen. We also upgraded the kitchen door to be ADA compliant.

In 2014 we removed the old hood & stove and finally installed the new 10-foot stainless steel hood and Imperial Stove. We turned our old “piano room” for extra lockable kitchen storage and we were donated a freezer from Randi Rush (thank you Randi!). There are thoughts about an outside walk-in which would offer much more cold storage space that could be used by weekly renters, caterers, community food organizations like Food for Families and the Community Center itself with big food events like Labor Day and Crab Feast etc.

What we still hope to accomplish:

– Tiled Floor in kitchen

– New Cabinets in kitchen

– Small walk-in installed in the Plaza

– New Prep Area in kitchen once a walk-in is built

How you can help:

If you would like to help the BCC to raise money by volunteering for an upcoming event, please contact

If you would like to send a tax-deductible donation towards the Community Center Kitchen Remodel, please write checks out to Bolinas Community Center and in the memo line write: Kitchen Donation, mail to P.O. Box 122, Bolinas, CA, 94924. You may also use our paypal account on our home page to pay via credit card.

For more info please call us at (415) 868-2128 or stop by the office Monday – Friday 10am-2pm: 14 Wharf Road, Bolinas, CA, 94924.


Lia Sabbatini

General Manager

Bolinas Community Center



Phase 1

The Community Center is working with a commercial kitchen consultant and the Marin County Environmental Health Department to attain commercial kitchen status to better serve the community of Bolinas.

Improvements & processes completed to date 1/22/14:

New plumbing, installation of janitor’s sink and remodel of janitor’s room in compliance with the Environmental Health Dept. $4,500

Purchase of commercial refrigerator. $2,472

Purchase & Installation of 3 new stainless steel commercial sinks, copper plumbing, repair of sub floor and sheetrock, removal of old cabinets, install FRP wall paneling, purchase and installation of one stainless steel chefs work table. $7,200

Creation and submittal of required architectural drawings. $532

Upgrade of ceiling lighting. $500

Payment to consultant for fees. $2,000

Purchase and install new 10 ft stainless steel hood, this includes; 18 gauge all welded steel duct from hood to roof, 18 gauge all steel welded roof jack for the exhaust and air blowers, stainless steel wall lining from the floor to hood, removal of existing stove and surrounding cabinetry, all welded duct to blower transition, UL rated and fire code approved exhaust blower. Demolition and disposal of old hood system.  $12,900

Upgrade existing gas line to 1 ½ inch pipe to code. $1,000

Upgrade Ansel Fire Suppression System. $2,500

Attain necessary permits for stove and hood installation. $2,500

Kitchen Equipment Donated:

6 Burner, 2 Oven Imperial Stove, donated by June & Alex Kleider. $5,000                    

Commercial refrigerator, donated by Susie Tompkins Buell. $1,500

Various new kitchen cookware and utensils, donated by Max Brimhall and Julia Maxwell. $1,000

Funding, requested and received or denied:

2011 – Stinson Bolinas Community Fund, requested $2,472 received $1,250 used for commercial refrigerator, balance from Bolinas Community Center General Fund.

2012 – Stinson Bolinas Community Fund, requested $2,250, received same, used for sink installation project.

2013 -Marin County Block Grant, requested $19,499.12 for hood project, denied.

2013 -Lowe’s Foundation for kitchen project, requested (max) $5,000, denied.