Sunday February 10, 3pm-6pm
chef_says_okayCooking demonstration with dinner to follow! Healthy, nutritious, delicious food doesn’t have to cost a fortune nor take hours to prepare. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, join Robin and Karen, proprietors of Bolinas Hardware (and enthusiastic cooks) as they launch the first in a series of delectable cooking classes. You’ll learn techniques used by professional chefs to speed up your time in the kitchen and make the process much more fun. The menu includes appetizers of Coconut Crab in Bibb Lettuce Wraps, “Sunday Night Meatballs,” inspired by San Francisco’s acclaimed A16 restaurant, served over a divine cheesy Polenta, and a green salad to swoon over. We’ll finish with Coeur a la Crème and espresso. You’ll get recipes to take home so you can recreate the feast for family and friends! Sunday, February 10, 3 pm to 6 pm, Bolinas Community Center. For reservations, phone (415) 868-2900. Cost including dinner: $32.