dance!The Bolinas Community Center is so grateful to everyone who participated in this years Labor Day party. Thank you to all who donated items for our silent auction and for all of you who came down to party and help raise money for our Center’s biggest fundraiser of the year!

A BIG Thank you to our bands and musicians:

El Presidente& Kathleen O’Neill

Just Friends


Bobo Tempo

Old Fashion Tuesdays

Dub Squad

Jan & Mesa Broek

Chelsea Meyer


Diana Lerwick

Emma Lee


Jeff Manson Band

Lee Tafari

Howard Dillon for MC’ing


A HUGE Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to make everything happen!! And a big shout out to some of our head organizers:

Tanya Kleider

Susan Tacherra

Keith Huntley

June McAdams

Magi Barror

Stuart Chapman

Maria Garrigues

Barb MacDonald


Thank you to all our generous local farmers:

Gospel Flat for cabbages, onions, herbs & zucchini

Star Route Farm for mesclun& onions

Fresh Run Farm for potatoes

Marin Sun Farms for sausage

Big Mesa Farm for beets & cabbage

Worker Bee Farm for tomatoes, corn and peppers

Tacherra Ranch for eggs

Walter Hoffman Shallots & Garlic

Stauss Family Creamery for Ice Cream

Bolinas Peoples’ Store



More thank yous go to:

All our dessert bakers

Steve Wrenn & Filippa for harvesting all the Worker Bee corn, tomatoes & peppers

Bolinas children’s Center for Kids Corner

Sean Thackrey for wine

Lagunitas for beer

John with Barbary Coast Bistro for making  chicken marinade, BBQ sauce&doing a lot of shopping

Steve Hodges for arranging the stage

Zoro& Brendan for engineering sound

George Marzocchi for driving the stagecoach

Julie with Bobolicious for tips & advice on food for the feast


Here are our current gross numbers with some more silent auction money coming in:

BBQ                                                       $6,294

Desserts                                                 $1,075

Bar                                                         $2,818

Memberships & T-shirts                          $   998

Silent Auction                                         $5,819

TOTAL:                                                  $17,004

Thank you again to everyone who came together for this event. A small Manager note here would be that we did need more volunteers than we had this year. The more the merrier! 😉

Much love,

Randi Arnold &Lia Sabbatini