Burningman Slide Show w/ StuArt

Jugville Troubadour 2Friday August 7th, 7:30-9:30pm $5

 Bill Braasch and I are leading a group from West Marin to run the Wheel of Self Reflection in the Carnival of Mirrors at Burning Man.

The Carnival is the tented circle that surrounds the big Burning Man statue. Last year it was called the Souk. The Wheel of Self Reflection will be out there in the center of Black Rock Desert like it was set up at the center of Love Field for the Far West Fest.
People are looking for meaning at Burning Man, and the Wheel provides them with exactly that – meaningful coincidence supplied by Synchronicity..
Carl Jung was the first to call meaningful coincidence “Synchronicity,” and Synchronicity is what the Wheel is all about. In addition the charged psychic field at Burning Man dramatically increases the rate of Synchronicity as expressed through the fortunes from the Wheel.


That is the focus of this year’s project at Burning Man – to cultivate Synchronicity using a random generator on a charged psychic field. The Wheel of Self Reflection can become a True Oracle at Burning Man.

On Friday night we’ll show movies and tell stories about the last 2 years at Burning Man. We’ll describe what’s up for this year. The Wheel of Self Reflection will be there for you to spin.
In essence we’re taking Bolinas to Burning Man and we’ll be bringing Burning Man back to Bolinas. Your support, both financially and psychically, will ensure our success.
We’re cultural emissaries from West Marin and we’ll be bringing Burning Man back to you in song and pictures.
You can relax in the lush splendor of West Marin while we undertake a pilgrimage of Art & Synchronicity into the hot, dusty desert of Nevada.
          Thank you kindly, StuArt