Art Garden & Food Festival Thank you’s

Hello Everyone,

What an amazing day Saturday was! Thank you to all who came out to enjoy the Art Garden & Food Festival! It was foggy but we sure did heat it up with Pizza in the oven and Oysters on the BBQ!

The Art Garden & Food Festival marks my one year anniversary working for the BCC. I am truly honored to be a lifelong community member and work for the community center! It has been a wild ride learning all the different events the BCC does every year. It has made me so happy to be able to put on events that bring our community together to laugh, drink and dance! I hope that the community knows how much I love this town and I hope that I can continue to bring smiles to your faces at each event!

Thank you to Barbary Coast Bistro , Nuria & Doug, Carmen and Nan for  serving such delicious food from your booths!


Thank you to the Craft Venders, Rachel, Maitreya, Lynn, Jamila, Lauri and Keith!


Thank you to all the bands that played on the BCC stages, Psychedelic Seniors, September, Peter Nevin , Zim, Bolinas Stinson School Students , Anny, Five Against Four, and Jan Broek & Friends! The Music was amazing!!!


A really big thank you to all our volunteers because this event would not happen without all your help!

William ,Zim ,Mark , Ed,

Michael, Omar, Tommy, Nay, Sam, Ron,

Bonnie, Molly, Mark, Liz, Nick, Penny,

Bronwen, June, Pam, Arline, Jill,

Eleanor, Bobbi, Meg, Soozy, Diana,

Jim, John, Nicole, Kelly, Blair, Zack, Leanna,

Leondro, Schehera, Susan, Ned, and Jenny


Thank you June for all your hard work on the dessert table!


Jesse and Alex for doing the Parking and Shuttle!


Thank you Jerry for renting us the van!!


Thank you to StuArt, Kathleen and Soozy for hanging all the donated art for the silent auction!!


A big thank you to StuArt for making such amazing signs for the event! Love that RainBO slinky!!


Thank you World Centric for your donation of biodegradables worth $400!


Thank you to Smart and Final for your $200 donation to the event!


Thank you Sola Winery for your donation of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon!


Thank you Thackrey Wine Co. for your wine donation and to Shari for the delivery! You are an amazing company!!


Thank you Lagunitas for your beer donation!!!!!


Thank you to Hog Island for your generous oyster donation! Those were some delicious oysters!!


Thank you Star Route Farms for your mixed green donation!


Thank you Princess for making your delicious princess dressing for the event!!


Thank you Maji and Mary for the Blackberry Vinegar!


Thank you Eleanor for such amazing flowers!!


Thank you Maji for putting the plaza stage together and making it run so smoothly!


Thank you Don for making the hall stage sound so great!!!


A HUGE thank you to the Artist and Art lovers, for all the generous art donations!




Kate Ryan-Ross, General Manager


Randi Arnold, Development Director