Memorial Day Thank you !!!

Thank you so much to all who that came out to support the Community Center! It was a beautiful day filled with community, dancing and BBQ.


Thank you to all our volunteers.

We couldn’t have done it without your hard work!


Gene                Jenny                        Ned                Blair              John               Nicole

Grace                 Karen                    Lisa                Halley                Omar                     Sam

Memphis      Ron               Willy             Steve              William        Mark

Marco                        Arn                 Lisa                Tommy                     Jeff             Ananda

Liz                               Leilani                      Bobbi             Mary


Thank you to the Bolinas People’s Store for the food donation.

Thank you Magi and Mary for the Blackberry Vinegar for the salad dressing

A HUGE Thank you to Magi for putting together an amazing line up of bands. Also to you and William for setting up the plaza stage!

Thank you to BoBo Tempo, Estrella’s Del Mar, Camilla & John, and Los Padres for performing such amazing music!!!


Thank you to Hen House Brewing Company for you generous donation of Saison and Paid Vacation Beer!


Thank you Sean Thackrey for your wine donation!


Thank you Sola Winery for your wine donation!


Thank you Star Routes Farms for your donation of mixed greens and carrots!!



Randi Arnold, Katie Weber & Kate Ryan-Ross