Full Hall Rental Contract 2020


2020 Hall Rental Contract

Renter __________________________________________________

Current Membership? ___________________


Phone __________________________Email___________________________

Date of signing_________________

Type of Event__________________________________________________________________________________

On (Date) __________________________ Set up to begin______________ Doors open__________­­­­­­­______

Beginning time____________________ Ending time__________________

Clean-up Complete__________________


Half of the full payment is needed to secure a date; if an event is canceled with less than four weeks’ notice, that payment will be forfeited.  A separate $150 check is needed as a damage/cleaning deposit which will be returned if all contractual requirements have been met. (A $300 deposit is needed for events using sound & light equipment) With a current Bolinas Community Center membership there is a 15% discount on Fri-Sun rentals (not private rentals), non-profits get a 20% discount (please submit IRS notification letter for non-profit status when filling out rental contract to attain discount). Hourly (week day) rates and all other fees stay the same. Sound and lighting technician hire is renter’s responsibility.


FEE:     Hall Rental (Fri $350/Sat $400/Sun $300)       $_______________

Hourly Hall Rental Monday-Thursday $25/hr    $_______________

Event Kitchen Rental               ($15/hr)           $_______________

Private Weddings etc.              ($2,000)           $_______________

                        Damage/Cleaning Deposit*    ($150-$300)    $_______________

Going Green supplies (see price list)                $_______________

Sound equipment use fee        ($50)                $_______________

Wireless Mics use fee             ($35)                $_______________

Theater lighting use fee            ($50)                $_______________

Projector use fee                      ($50)                $_______________

Piano Rental                            ($20)                $_______________

Table Cloth use                        ($25)                $_______________

Garbage Removal **               ($50)                $_______________**not always available, check w/Manager

Total                                                               $_______________


Hall Rental Policies

All Rental Policies are incorporated and must be followed.

Arrangements will be worked out prior to an event, to inform the renter about utilities, supplies, opening the Center, locking up, etc. The “walk thru” needs to be done at least one week prior to the event date.



100 for dining, 129 if the stage is used for seating as well  /  200 for theater seating, chairs only / 275 dance, standing



A sound systems set-up technician and /or engineer must be hired to use the Bolinas Community Center’s sound system. The system may not be set up or used by unauthorized individuals.  The theatre lighting system must be run by an authorized, trained technician and returned to the original configuration. The gallery lighting system must be set up by a trained technician and returned to the original configuration. Fees are to insure the systems remain in good working order. It is renter’s responsibility to hire & pay technicians, please ask Manager for contacts.



Renter will be responsible for publicity, programs, door personnel, security guards, ushers, etc. If given 30 days’ notice prior to the event The Bolinas Community Center will post the event info in the Bolinas Hearsay News, the BCC website, monthly newsletter and printed calendars at the Center. It is advised the renter submits articles and advertisements for their event in the papers and posts fliers of their event around town.  Internet advertising is OK.



Renter agrees to adhere to all fire safety regulations regarding exits, lighting, parking and open flame.

All Exit doors must be left accessible and stairways empty. Renter agrees to provide supervision for the event sufficient to ensure protection of Center facilities. Events attracting children must have a security person stationed at the foyer doors to stop children from running into the street! Renter assumes all liability for injury to those attending or performing during the above event. Children are not allowed to play on the stage, stairs or racks that hold chairs and tables. No one is allowed to touch the mirrors as the Mylar surface can be easily damaged. . There is NO SMOKING in the building.  Sound in the Center must never exceed 95 decibels for safety reasons. If decibels are more than 95 the security deposit will be forfeited and a warning will be given to the renter.



Events which are expected to draw an audience mostly of those under 21 years of age will not be allowed to serve alcohol. If a renter would like the presence of an alcohol bar at their event it is to profit the Bolinas Community Center. A liquor license is required for any event where beer or wine will be sold and the Community Center needs 30 day notice in advance to attain the liquor license. Only non-profits may acquire their own liquor licenses. In the case where alcohol will be served all entrants shall be asked to provide age identification upon entrance. No alcohol will be served to those under 21 or for those already under the influence; who have had “too much” to drink. IDs must be checked!

There is no smoking of any kind permitted inside the hall, foyer, bathrooms or 20 feet from the doors.

The use of illegal drugs is not permitted on Bolinas Community Center property.



As part of the Bolinas Community Centers’ efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle, we are now requiring all events to use greener products when disposables are to be used. We supply paper plates and bowls, wooden cutlery, hot and cold beverage cups. All napkins are 100% recycled paper. These items are all in stock and will be supplied to the renter with two weeks advance notice. There is a $50 fee for using non-biodegradable or non-recyclable products which will be deducted from the Security/Damage Deposit if any are found in the center from your event. We would like to suggest you hire a local to wash your dishes and that you use the Center’s NON disposable dishware and cutlery. This is the best and greenest solution for the planet and our town.



The hall is to be returned to the condition it was originally found in. All tables and chairs should be returned to the appropriate racks and into the appropriate storage area. All ladders must be returned upright to the storage room. Nothing should be left on the floors or walls at the end of an event. The regular floor crew will mop only. Do not use commercial cleaners of any kind on the wooden floor of the main hall and stage. The piano may never be left on a floor heating vent!! If the piano is found on a vent at any time during or after your event the damage cleaning deposit will be withheld.



The Community Center has recycle facilities for cardboard, bottles and cans. We ask that no plastic bottles of water or juice, etc. be served at events. Composting facilities are also available. Our garbage disposal facilities are very limited due to our Village Clean-Up and Beach Clean-Up programs. You will be required to take any trash your event generates away with you, unless you make other arrangements. There might be room at our Village & Beach dumpsters to remove trash for $50 fee.




The organizer of the event is responsible for locking up and turning off the lights and thermostat before leaving. Failure to secure the building after any event may result in forfeiture of the security/damage deposit.



It is mandatory that the building and the surrounding grounds be left free of trash, cans and bottles at the end of the dance.

The cleaning/damage deposit is $150.00 and it is not intended to be forfeited to avoid cleaning up the building.

Bands must clear the building within one hour after the end of their performance. We ask that all guests and performers keep their voices low when leaving the building late at night; we have many neighbors on all sides of the building.

MUSIC MUST END BY 12:30 A.M. Building must be left as it was prior to the event.

For dances having a significant number of teenagers: No alcohol in any form is to be allowed in the building. Two or more chaperones/bouncers are to be supplied by the band/organizers; these individuals shall be responsible for keeping alcohol out of the building. A monitor for the Center’s Board will (may) check out compliance with the No-Alcohol rule. If the rule is not being followed, the monitor will ask the band to stop playing and clear the hall of alcohol and in addition the deposit will be forfeited. It is the promoters’ responsibility, not the monitor’s, to ensure compliance with the request. The band may begin playing again only when the hall is cleared of alcohol. Sound in the Center must never exceed 95 decibels for safety reasons. If decibels are more than 95 the security deposit will be forfeited and a warning will be given to the renter.



Performance groups must have their performance date booked with the Center Manager eight weeks in advance of performance. Booking requests with less notice may be allowed on a case by case basis. Performance groups can take precedence over classes (for rehearsal purposes) for one week prior to the performance, provided four-week notice has been given to the Manager. If more time than one week is needed, they must have the approval of the General Manager.



Kitchen must be left as found. All dishes must be washed, dried and put back in their places. Propane must be turned off after use of the stove. It is off when the knob that you turn is crossing (like a ‘T’) the line of the pipe. Food must not be left in the kitchen or fridges after the event. All countertops must be wiped and food scraps picked up off of the floor. Compost, garbage and recycling removed. There is a separate Kitchen Rental Contract that needs to be signed by any Caterer using the kitchen facilities which includes a separate $150 deposit and confirmation of a $15/hour payment.



-Do not use duct tape for anything in the Hall, including walls, floor or stage. Do not nail or drill into the walls, will result in the forfeit the Cleaning Damage deposit.

-Do not touch, unclip or hang anything off of the Aerial Art equipment hanging in the Hall.

-Would you give permission to let the Bolinas Community Center use photographs of your event for the BCC website, brochures and other marketing materials?  Circle:    Yes    No     Would you want to approve 1st?  Circle:    Yes    No


The Event Manager is responsible for enforcing policy. Decisions may be appealed directly to the Community Center Board of Directors at their monthly meeting.

Is Security staff required according to this contract? ________________ (manager to initial)

Give names and contact numbers of security staff;

1._______________________________________2.________________________________________________________3._______________________________________ 4._______________________________________________________


The BCC Event Manager for the day of your event is:________________________Phone:_________________________

They will check in before and after your event and will be reachable by phone during your event. In case of an emergency you may also contact the General Manager__________________________ phone_______________________________.


I have read and agree to all of the above terms.

Signature of renter___________________________________ Date ________________________


Deposit will be returned after the event, if the above conditions are met.                                            Revised 1-13-2020










P.O. Box 122, Bolinas CA 94924

Tel/Fax: (415) 868-2128 Email:bolinascc@bocenter.org

A Non-Profit, Tax Exempt [501(c) (3)] Corporation, No. 23-7117192




I, hereby waive and release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge Bolinas Community, Inc. DBA Bolinas Community Center and its agents, employees, Board of Directors, affiliates, successors and assigns, of and from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, cause of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that I ever had or may have, arising from or in any way related to my participation in any of the events or activities conducted by, on the premises of, or for the benefit of, Bolinas Community, Inc. DBA Bolinas Community Center provided that this waiver of liability does not apply to any acts of gross negligence, or intentional, willful or wanton misconduct.  I understand that the activities and functions in which I participate may be considered (but do not have to be) of a volunteer nature, or for the benefit of a 501 (c)(3), and/or dangerous and may cause serious or grievous injuries, including bodily injury, damage to personal property and/or death.





SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________________________________________


FULL NAME:______________________________________________________________________________


DATE: ___________________________________________________________________________________














Revised 1-13-2020







Checklist for closing up after an event


  • Take away all items that you have brought in for decoration or any other purpose. Do not leave them in the hall. This includes fresh flowers, vases, etc.
  • Put compost and cardboard recycling in the bins behind the People’s Store, any metal or glass recycling in the bins outside the kitchen. Haul any garbage that is not recyclable home with you.
  • If you have lowered the baffling cloth on the stage, roll it back up and secure it.
  • If you have moved any of the theatrical lighting, replace it to its original configuration, with lights directed towards the stage.
  • Replace any chairs used to the chair racks in chair closet stage left.
  • Replace any tables used to their racks. The 8ft. tables fit on one rack. The 6ft. and 4ft. tables share a rack which should remain in the hall, along the wall, gas station side.
  • Put the stairwells at either side of the stage, flush to the edge. Put the third stairwell flush against any wall.
  • If you have moved the piano, please make sure it is back against the middle of the Gas Station side wall, and NOT ON A HEATING VENT! If left on a vent there is a $150 fee charged.
  • If you (have gotten permission to, and) build a fire, make sure it is COMPLETELY extinguish. (Come by at a time pre-arranged with manager, to clean out ashes, within 3 days).
  • Once everything is off the floor SWEEP the whole floor and the floor of the stage. Spot mop any sticky spots (from spilled soda, food, mud, etc…) with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure sound equipment is turned off and that any technical equipment used, (mics, dvd player, mic stands) are put away in the place agreed upon with manager.
  • Check that the heater is set to ‘RUN’, (Do not turn it off!)
  • Check that all windows are closed and locked.
  • Leave all curtains on doors and windows open.
  • Turn off all lights except one, right above the stage or the lights by the fireplace.
  • Lock the kitchen door (deadbolt), make sure the garage side and library side doors are closed well, and therefore locked, and lock the main door by the lock on the knob and the deadbolt, as you are leaving. Turn off the lights in both bathrooms. The lights in the foyer should be on. You don’t have to turn them on or off in any case. If you were given a key, please return to general manager at follow up meeting.


  • Make sure the gas line to the stove is turned OFF! It is off when the knob that you turn is crossing (like a ‘T’) the line of the pipe.
  • Leave no personal belongings, extra food, or anything that wasn’t there originally, in the kitchen.
  • Put all dishes and cooking implements away after they are washed and dried.
  • Leave the countertops clean and clear.
  • Sweep the floor in the kitchen. Spot mop any messes. Our cleaning staff mops each night.
  • Any questions please call manager on call.
  • NAME and SIGNATURE of Renter _______________________________________________